These excellent projects were presented at our April 27th SOUP dinner

This dinner was held at Dara's Garden [2637 Maryville Pike].

  1. Marble Springs State Historic Site Educational School Tour Project: The Marble Springs Educational School Tour Project will provide funds for supplies that will expand the school tour experience at Marble Springs State Historic Site, home of the first governor of Tennessee, John Sevier.
  2. Central Cinema: We're developing a single-screen "neighborhood theater" moviehouse specializing in classic films, cult favorites and special events. We hope to locate it just north of downtown, where our focus on encouraging local arts culture will mesh well with that area's developing commercial community.
  3. Permaculture Garden Upgrade: We are committed to enlarging the community garden areas at the Sustainable Future Center. Last year we hosted the Boys & Girls club (who will be returning this year), but their success was impacted by limited water supplies. We have a plan to expand our rainwater collection system and create an irrigation system for two sizeable areas.