These excellent projects were presented at the July 7th dinner

The dinner was held at the South Knoxville Community Center.

  1. Marketing Project for Marble Springs Farmers' Market: The Marble Springs Farmers' Market at the Marble Springs State Historic Site is a weekly market that takes place on Thursdays from 3:00-6:00pm during the months of May through September. The Marketing Project will ensure the marketing and visibility of the Marble Springs Farmers Market through the design and creation of new market banners, ads, and flyers.
  2. Seniors Walking Their Way To Better Health: The treadmill at South Knoxville Community Ctr. is 24 yrs old and desperately needs replaced. It seems it is down more than working. We have many seniors who use this machine on a daily basis as well as other adults from our community. We are trying to raise funds to purchase a new commercial treadmill before this one completely dies.
  3. Community Playground Update: We would like to update the playground to accommodate the disabled and toddler age children. This would include building a wooden ramp over the gravel inside the playground so strollers and wheelchairs could navigate it. We would also like a new swing set with backs on them for toddlers and disabled children who cannot swing otherwise. This playground is open to the community year-round.
  4. A Gathering Of Knoxville's Patriots: The path to patriotism begins with citizenship. TIES through citizenship preparation classes helps people on the path to naturalization and through INVEST integrates citizens into Knoxville's economy. Our project is designed to celebrate new citizens, recognize volunteers and encourage new participants. On Patriot's Day, September 11, an event will be held with invitations to all 350 past students, 84 volunteers and their families as well as community leaders. We want this media event to serve as an outreach opportunity to bring awareness to the Knoxville community, to provide a chance for voter registration and to appreciate all of the men and women of Knoxville who have contributed over 3500 hours in preparing these new citizens.