The following 4 excellent project were selected to present at the October 24th Knoxville SOUP dinner. 


  • UT Dept of Audiology & Speech Pathology: Child Hearing Services Holiday Event
    Velvet Buehler
    This is an annual Holiday Event for children who are deaf or hard of hearing to "play" and "perform" and to "hang-out" with friends who have the same diagnosis. The event includes dinner, performances by the children, singing, and the children each visit Santa and receive a present. The parents talk to one another and the children play.
  • Soul. Full Nutritional 1st cookbook
    Willa Essie
    As a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, our mission statement is to create, publish and distribute cookbooks, pamphlets, brochures & other educationally nutritional resources (free of charge), to those that frequent food pantries. Our purpose is to place special importance on nutritional literacy concerning the necessity to lower an individual's everyday intake of both sugar and sodium, the inherent substances attributed to diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. SFS Nutritional advocates for the need for nutritional literacy for those most at risk & that includes those who struggle with of food insecurity.
  • Vestal Community Organization: Vestal Gateway Park
    Eric Johnson
    This project is an extension of the continuing efforts off the Vestal Community Organization to improve the park facilities in Vestal. The Vestal Gateway Park was conceived and has been developed with a gateway for the Vestal Greenway, a pavilion to accommodate and encourage community activities, and a wildflower meadow to encourage investment in Downtown Vestal.
  • South Knoxville Elementary: SKE Scientists on the Playground
    Dr. Tanna Nicely
    SKE Scientists on the Playground brings science to the outdoors. The project will repurpose an existing covering to provide storage for science materials, a presentation table, and creative seating for students to engage in three dimensional scientific phenomena.