The following 4 excellent projects were selected to present at the August 13th dinner.

  1. Horse Haven of Tennessee
    Tina McConnell
    Horse Haven of Tennessee rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes abused and neglected equine from all over the state of Tennessee. We are requesting funds to support our mission to be used for feed and veterinary services for the equine currently in our care.
  2. The Big Camera: Community Faces
    Anna Lawrence, Donna Moore and John Allen
    Community Faces is a temporary art installation born from a dream that Donna Moore pursued for years! We strive to unify individuals by focusing on our shared commonalities, and by giving people a chance to share what the word “Community,” means to them specifically. Images are 3’x3’ in size, truly larger than life, and gives each subject a chance to show their uniqueness.
  3. Maynard Glenn Ballpark: Parking and Security Lighting
    Julia Weissinger
    Maynard Glenn Ballpark is utilized 9 months of the year. Parking is limited due to the surrounding houses, but could be better utilized with newly painted lines to mark spaces, traffic flow arrows, signs for handicapped parking and NO parking zones. In addition, lighting is seriously limited, making the parking lot a dangerous zone after the field lights are turned off and participants are making their way to cars. Neighbors keeping watch of our park property cannot see intruders after hours, so vandalism, loitering, drug sales, and other threats to safety become a concern.
  4. Dogwood Elementary School: Drumset for Dogwood!
    Adrienne Notess

    Dogwood Elementary began a steel drum program last school year, and it has been an amazing asset to our school! We have an amazing donor who has been allowing us to use his professional-grade steel drums. Our kiddos have loved getting to use the drums and performing around our community! In order to perform with a complete group, we use a drum set in addition to the steel drums. We were gifted an old drum set last year, and it is very "well-loved". We are looking to replace the drumset so that our kids can have a strong percussion accompaniment supporting them as they perform.