The following 4 excellent proposals were presented at our Spring 2023 Dinner!


  • SPARK - All year long, Spark supplies tools that improve life for people with disabilities, and we’re glad to do so, but our favorite program, Toy Tech, takes place annually on a day in December when we give out switch-adapted toys that children with disabilities can operate themselves and use just for the joy of playing.
  • Knoxville-Tennessee Environmental Soil and Stream Testing (K-TESST) - expanding our local citizen science program by assembling more water and soil testing kits for the Knoxville community and hosting more middle school environmental testing labs in Knox County.
  • Center for English and Integration Services (CEIS) - as CEIS meets the challenge to provide English instruction to the growing immigrant population in Knoxville, interactive software will not only streamline our language program but will enable us to do so more efficiently.
  • Library of Infinite Outcomes - preserving our collective sovereignty through the power of plants.